Testudo Original for Tortoises


Testudo Original for Tortoises provides nutrition in line with the natural habitats of tortoises. Ensures an optimum supply of crude fibre for healthy gut flora maintenance.

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The diet of a tortoise in the wild is always dependent on its natural vegetation conditions. In its original habitat, the actual growing season is usually quite short, followed by drought and heat from midsummer through autumn. In spring, the plants’ crude fibre content is relatively low and their protein content is high. The herbs and grasses age as the summer progresses, with crude fibre content increasing at the peak of summer and protein content dropping off sharply. The needs of the organism call for a feed composition that is adapted to the seasonal cycle.

Tortoises are herbivores and require high-quality feeds. Observation of wild tortoises and study of their physique and digestive tract reveals which feed is best suited for them.

The animals’ well-developed appendix enables them to draw sufficient nutrients from grasses and herbs that are rich in crude fibre and low in protein. Meadows cultivated for agriculture are usually heavily fertilised. Their grasses are unhealthy for tortoises and can lead to a variety of diseases. The food supply available to tortoises in their natural habitat is similar to that found in the biodiverse, lean meadows of the highlands north of the Alps. Tortoises can live long lives with proper management and natural diets high in herbs. The needs of the organism call for a feed composition that is adapted to the seasonal cycle. Volume: 500 g.

Testudo Original for all types of tortoises:

  • Optimal supply of crude fibre
  • Maintains healthy intestinal flora
  • Ideal calcium-phosphorus ratio
  • Ideal for the transition period up to the onset of hibernation
  • Grain-free and without animal substances
  • Free of flavourings and preservatives

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