Tropical Red Mico Natural Food


Tropical Red Mico freeze-dried chironomid larvae. Natural food for omnivorous and carnivorous fish obtained by lyophilization of chironomid larvae – insects of the Chironomidae family.


Tropical Red Mico source of easily digestible protein. However, in fresh or even frozen form, it can be a source of pathogens dangerous to fish. The freeze-drying process effectively eliminates all organisms that could cause fish diseases in the aquarium. At the same time, freeze-drying preserves delicate vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, protein and other nutrients of chironomid larvae, making it a valuable natural food for ornamental fish. It can be served dry or after soaking.

Feed material: freeze-dried bloodworm (Chironomus) larvae.

Analytical components: crude protein 46.0%, crude oils and fats 1.7%, crude fiber 4.7%, moisture 12.0%.

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100 ml (8 g)


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