Tropical Soft Line America Sinking Sticks


Tropical Soft Line America is tailored for the needs of both omnivorous and carnivorous fish from North and South America.


Top-notch proteins from herring and insect larvae, as well as a variety of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids are included. Carotenoids abundant in krill, calanus and red pepper increase colour saturation, whereas garlic and beta-glucan help fortify immunity. Fibre sources such as fruit, along with chitin from crustaceans helps keep digestive system in check.

Soft Sticks from Tropicals possess a variety of esteemed traits which make them stand out from other aquarium fish foods. The manufacturer has employed an exceptional production process, making them more palatable and attractive for the fish to eat. Fish eagerly consume the innovative, digestible Sticks and benefit from their excellent nutrient content as they leave little to no residue in the water and do not expand upon ingestion. This ensures that digestion is much easier and there is less risk associated with consumption. Furthermore, they also do not cause any cloudiness or detriment to water quality.

Analysis: crude protein: 41.0%, crude fats and oils: 9.0%, crude fibre: 3.0%, moisture: 10.5%.

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250 ml


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