Water Purification Oxygen Spraying Submersible Power Filter


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This submersible pump is used for a variety of purposes such as pumping, oxygen atomization, and filtration. Suitable for use in freshwater, seawater, safe and durable, ultra-quiet, energy-saving and efficient, easy to maintain, and many other benefits.


  • 360-degree rotation can increase dissolved oxygen.
  • Low water level design, a variety of display angles, suitable for the low water level of the turtle filter.
  • Built-in aeration mouth, rotating black oxygen plug.
  • Pumping cycle, effort saving, plug, and work.


  • Avoid using extension cords.
  • Only suitable for working in water.
  • It is necessary to regularly clean the dirt inside the shaft.
  • After cleaning, please confirm whether the connection between the water sheet and the shaft is tightened.


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