Waterproof RGB LED Aquarium Submersible Underwater Lighting


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These LED Aluminum Strips are manufactured to the highest standards available and are perfect for transforming many types of projects. The product is fully waterproof sealed and creates a beautiful effect when placed near water. The strips are fully sealed in silicone with an aluminum surrounding which makes it impossible for water to enter them You simply fix the bar in place and plug in the power supply and the item will transform your water feature.

LED quantity 9 pcs 15 pcs 21 pcs 27 pcs
Overall length of light 18 cm 28 cm 38 cm 48 cm
Power 2.9 W 3.8 W 4.8 W 5.8 W
For fish tank length 20~40 cm 30~50 cm 40~60 cm 50~70 cm
Working voltage 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V