Zeolith Reactor


ATB Zeolite porosity allows a much larger cleaning area than other materials, such as sand. When you pour water on sand, only the space between grains is cleaned mechanically. However, if you use ATB Zeolite and water, the liquid will permeate each grain for a more effective clean.


Zeolite is used not only to capture mechanical impurities, but it utilizes three distinct cleaning processes. Firstly, physical impurities are sifted out. The next step is absorption: due to the immense surface area held in this mineral, pollutants are readily taken up. Finally, chemical purification takes place through ionic exchange – zeolite contains calcium, magnesium and sodium ions that can intercept pollutants such as ammonia which is sadly quite common in water sources. Moreover, it has the capacity to sequester organic molecules as well as eliminating some unwanted bacteria and algae.

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