ZRDR Stainless Steel Aquarium CO2 Regulator Series


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The ability to maintain the right levels of CO2 in your tank is key to having thriving fish and plants. An imbalance of CO2 would lead to a devastating effect on the health of your aquatic life and may promote the growth of algae. This is where a quality CO2 regulator becomes an important part of your aquarium set up.

These regulators have a high-quality aluminum body and stainless-steel diaphragm for long-term durability. They improve the quality of water, enhance the wellbeing of both plants and fish, and keep the growth of algae under control.

The low-temperature solenoid valves are corrosion resistant and the gauges help with high adjustment accuracy and precision tuning, allowing you to easily achieve 1 bubble every 3 seconds.

Models R101, R102 and R105 come equipped with standard features such as a bubble gauge, a cylinder pressure gauge, an output pressure gauge and a trimming valve attached to the body.

Models R103, R104, R106 and R100 features an additional electromagnetic valve – 240VAC input, DC12V output.

Model R120 is equipped with all the features mentioned above with an addition of a pressure adjustment knob, which enables you to adjust output pressure.




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